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 on: Today at 01:49:21 PM 
Started by Frenchfry - Last post by SidecarFlip

No comments from the peanut gallery.... ;D

 on: Today at 01:48:01 PM 
Started by SidecarFlip - Last post by SidecarFlip
Myself, I thought that Trump's campaign talk about pulling out out of NAFTA was a bit of an uneducated comment.  I also knew that once he got involved, that stand would moderate.

It's about what is fair for everyone...including us and knowing Trump, the 'new deal will be fair across the board.

 im confident in that.

 on: Today at 01:44:11 PM 
Started by Frenchfry - Last post by SidecarFlip
The future jobs are going to be in technology, wind and solar, not coal and oil. If China gets the advantage they won't need us we will need them. Trump is doing everything he can to stifle technology and future jobs hoping coal and oil will come back. I read where Russia and OPEC are in a quandary because they can't cut production to raise prices anymore because they are already losing too much money.

I'm not going to be here to worry about it or at least I don't plan on being here.

 on: Today at 12:48:25 PM 
Started by livewire - Last post by The Fuzz
I wondered from Day 1 when he got elected how long it would take him to start setting the stage for an early exit.  He doesn't come right out and say such, but I've never seen him as a man willing to give up more of himself for others by serving as President rather than enjoy what he had accomplished on a personal level.

Not saying that I blame him, I'd wouldn't have wanted to give up his lifestyle either.

 on: Today at 12:26:03 PM 
Started by Frenchfry - Last post by Tiny

 on: Today at 11:19:01 AM 
Started by TK9317 - Last post by eriemermaid

 on: Today at 11:15:39 AM 
Started by TK9317 - Last post by Newport-Bill

 on: Today at 09:49:30 AM 
Started by SidecarFlip - Last post by blue2
Oh but the democrats will beat Trump up for changing his mind.  I guess they don't understand the art of negotiating.   
I'm not an expert in anything but do believe a trade policy among nations is a good thing when it's fair for all.

 on: Today at 07:55:17 AM 
Started by Frenchfry - Last post by CatLady

 on: Today at 03:25:05 AM 
Started by Professor H - Last post by Tim Heiss

Well if my Aunt had balls she would have been my Uncle. And if you had any evidence you wouldn't be asking us to imagine. Get a grip. And what if a GOP candidate had a foundation receiving funds from foreign and domestic entities for political favors, they would have been hung by their thumbs. And Tiny, the basis of my "what if" isn't imagined, it's the story of Hillary and Bill. So Tiny, you can have your what if's, and I'll stick with what is.
Probably one of your worst retorts ever.

Truth is John if Hillary had done what Trump is doing you'd be having a litter of kittens right now.

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