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Author Topic: Interurban along lake Erie from Toledo to Toledo Beach  (Read 698 times)

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Interurban along lake Erie from Toledo to Toledo Beach
« on: June 18, 2017, 11:00:46 AM »

I know I've mentioned this line when we were discussing the interurbans around Monroe County in general.  We were in Luna Pier one day this week and I was waiting for my wife so I went for a ride.  Probably one of the most visible reminders of the interurban in Luna Pier is at the south end of Harold Drive where it dead ends at Whitewood Creek.  It's just yards west of the boat launch ramps so follow the signs to the boat launch and you're within easy walking distance.

This is one of the pictures I took with my cell phone:

These are the footings and the iron undercarriage that carried the track across the creek.  In the very left hand corner of the picture you can see one of the buildings at the former J.R. Whiting power plant. 

Later on that evening I received one of those strange surprises you get every 100-200 photos or so...

My Google photo assistant decided to do some work with that photo and 'enhance' it for me. 

This is the 'enhanced' one:

I guess it's fitting for a structure that's been there over 100 years!!!  Interesting that what it 'cropped' off was the modern building at the power plant. 

Whenever I get one of these enhanced photos I wonder if there is any human involvement involved and if so they must see the occasional very interesting photo ;D ;D ;D
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