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Author Topic: Anytime you think you're having a bad day, someone is having it worse than you!  (Read 6908 times)

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Dogs must hear those much differently than us


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I'm thinking it's what they 'feel' as much as it is what they actually hear. 

Dogs have better hearing than we do (in most cases) so I'd guess they sense vibrations better than we do too.  Plus they're so typically laying around completely spread out on the ground so they have a large sensory area to feel that sort of thing.  An active dog and especially a good hunting dog that is working a field does not get upset by a gunshot and I'd guess part of that is that they're on their feet and running so their feet don't get a chance to feel the shock waves as much as a dog just laying around 'on guard'!

A dog in the 'on guard' status is certainly listening and looking (if they're awake) and feeling for anything out of the ordinary.

The Big Red Dog and an English Setter we had both had a magic disdain for a UPS truck as they rumbled down the road.  The setter was a few years older than the BRD so he very well may have 'taught' her that.  Whatever, they both acted the same way.  Even when the setter was old and deaf though he could still 'feel' a UPS truck going by and would still bark.
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