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Title: Monroe Pain Clinic-reopened?
Post by: teerose on March 30, 2011, 09:13:19 AM
On my way to I-75 this morning I noticed the parking lot at the Monroe Pain Center was full of cars.  It appeared to be opened.  Does anyone know anything about it?
Title: Re: Monroe Pain Clinic-reopened?
Post by: SidecarFlip on March 30, 2011, 09:21:42 AM
He (the doctor) ran an ad in the MEN stating that he would be 'back in business' shortly.  Guess he is.

The tried and true adage about those who have money can skirt the law, appears to be holding true to form.
Title: Re: Monroe Pain Clinic-reopened?
Post by: Professor H on March 30, 2011, 01:09:00 PM
Kind of brings back the memories of Kevorkian - he kept thinking that as well, until they slammed the cell doors shut a few years later...
Title: Re: Monroe Pain Clinic-reopened?
Post by: The Chicken on March 30, 2011, 01:16:11 PM

Did the State suspend his license?  Because he is legally able to practice medicine if he has a legal license. Typically they suspend while the investigation is still pending..

However; it may not be him... he had other doctors there didn't he?  If not, all he needs is a Dr. with a DEA number.. He owns the practice and pays other doctors to see patients..

And I know, this guy looks pretty guilty.. However, just as the Devils advocate.. Ever since they have started with this crack down.. The DEA, have been very militant with their charges... like this Doctor.. technically they can charge him for each pill that he prescribed "fraudulently" he can be charged for each pill as a count of trafficking..  actually they charge by the weight of the pills as if they were grams of heroin...

I know here in Florida, if the doctor is aware their patient is selling their medications.. The Doctor is charged as a co conspirator in the delivery and sale of a narcotic.. and this is the same charge if the person was selling heroin.. 

Now here in Florida there are pain clinics everywhere.. However, when they do bust a doctor.. They have made examples of a few, and they are in prison.. one doctor I know got 20 years because he was told by his employees that Patients were selling their medications.. But this was Federal Charges..

This is a new "field" of specialized Medicine,  most involved are anesthesiologist..  What most people do not understand is once a physician gets that M.D. after their name... they can say they are a gynecologist or psychiatrist..

Most Doctors don't, they usually stick to what they specialized in as a Resident.. However the law doesn't require that...  That is why being Board Certified or at least Board Eligible is so important when seeking a physician..

However, not all boards are the same... as we saw with the Congressman from Kentucky.. He could not pass his boards in his specialty.. so he created his own board...

That is why people really need to ask about board certification, and is that board certification recognized by the AMA *for Md's.. or by the Osteopathic Board..  I do believe that DO's that have taken boards are now under the umbrella of the AMA..

For a long time, DO's and MD's... were parallel entities.. but in the past 20 years there have been so many Osteopathic Hospitals and Schools that have closed.. They have blended in with the MD's.. when they go through Residency...

I know two Psychiatrist that were other doctors..  My friend had been a Surgeon in the Military, but has a disease that started of effect her hands.. So she went back through Residency again and became a psychiatrist...  another one I know.. He had been a notorious drunk.. family practice was his specialty...  Then he was shipped off to rehab, got sober.. liked what they were doing, so in his 60's he went back through residency and became a psychiatrist..

Neither of these two people NEEDED to.. technically, they could have called themselves psychiatrist and hang their shingle out open for business...  But a reputable doctor, will go through residency again if they are changing Specialties.. and get board certified...

A lot of doctors prescribe outside of their specialty..  Legally a psychiatrist can prescribe a narcotic.. ethically they should not... and the DEA has focused on doctors that are prescribing outside of their specialty.. 

Like a family practice doctor would have scripts coming through for vicodin or percocet because they may prescribe it for a temporary ailment and everything is Kosher..  But if they see a FP doc prescribing Dilaudid of Fentenyl,.. well there is usually something shady going on..

and there are doctors out there that like to keep their patients dependent.. Just like a crack dealer, they look at their patient more as a customer, rather than a patient..

There is one doctor in this area I have nothing but contempt for... from years of working with him in three different hospitals..  He had a huge practice.. he was what I call a Howdy, psychiatrist... They only see their patients long enough to say high.. yes I meant to spell it that way.. because he was prescribing patients not just narcotics, but BARBITUATES.. you know how rare it is to see a barbiturate prescribed in this day of age?   They still make some because some people with epilepsy it the only thing that works for them... but he was prescribing them for sleep.. 

His patients were mostly women.. very sick women, neurotics.. and he kept them dependent.. anything goes...  He got mad at me for doing groups about addiction, and getting addicted to prescription meds...  I mean it was so bad.. that on the unit where most of his patients were.. They would break out is song "the Candy Man"...  How can you deal with patients who have addiction problems, even if he was not their doctor, they are all on the same unit.. and sure enough.  The ones that had doctors that would not prescribe them addictive meds.. would here about this doctor from other patients and they would switch!..

and it was greed based...  When the DEA started to crack down.. when they started to put everything in a State Data Base, counting how many controlled substances were being prescribed and what doctors were doing it... Oh did he get busted!   and oh did I do a dance..

But, they did not take his license away.. not even suspended..  but they did suspend his ability to prescribe scheduled drugs.. and he paid a very large fine... and a lot of money back to Medicare..

It would not surprise me, with this doctor... if that will not be his most damaging charges.. Medicare fraud!...

and now, Medicare has it where anyone can call in and report suspected abuse.. and if you work for someone and you are a whistle blower.. you can even get part of the money they get paid back and an incentive for people to report abuse!

If you have Medicare, or look after someones like a parent.. If you see that the doctor charged for a service that wasn't rendered.. Report it!.. 

Title: Re: Monroe Pain Clinic-reopened?
Post by: DDallas on March 31, 2011, 12:28:09 PM
I had heard he was going to re open and sell "herbal" remidies.  No facts to back this up though.
Title: Re: Monroe Pain Clinic-reopened?
Post by: teerose on March 31, 2011, 01:09:54 PM
hmmm.. today's MEN articile contradicts itself.

Paragraph 3 says:
Richard Isaacson, a spokesman with the Drug Enforcement Agency, said Dr. Linares was targeted in the raid last week, not the clinic.  “We did not shut them down,” Mr. Isaacson said. “We never closed them down.”[/b][/u][/color]Followed by Paragraph 7 which says:
In addition to closing down the clinic, authorities seized four bank accounts, seven luxury vehicles and two boats.

Title: Re: Monroe Pain Clinic-reopened?
Post by: BigRedDog on March 31, 2011, 01:30:34 PM
I had heard he was going to re open and sell "herbal" remidies.  No facts to back this up though.

That was stated in an article in the MEN last week and also in one today: (
Title: Re: Monroe Pain Clinic-reopened?
Post by: BigRedDog on April 07, 2011, 09:15:34 AM
I drove by there yesterday and they have signs up in the windows that say Multi-Specialty Group.  That is the name that was on the front of the building on one of the suites just east of the "pain clinic" location.  It was early but there were not as many cars in the parking lot as there used to be.
Title: Re: Monroe Pain Clinic-reopened?
Post by: BigRedDog on April 11, 2011, 09:40:26 AM
I drove through the parking lot again Friday...   not a single car so looked closer at the front of the building.

Office hours only on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday...   must not be as much demand for pain relief all of a sudden 8* 8* 8*
Title: Re: Monroe Pain Clinic-reopened?
Post by: The Chicken on April 11, 2011, 03:03:54 PM

Well.. they can just come to Florida.. Its bad enough we are the pill mill capitol, our Governor has ordered that the State stop keeping a data base for tracking Controlled Substances being dispensed..

On one hand, he wants every State Worker and person on Welfare to be random drug tested... and on the other hand he has taken away local law enforcements ability to find out who is prescribing large amounts of Narcotics...

Makes me wonder if some of his businesses that he put in his wife's name... like the one company that does drug testing.. are investing in pill mills... or his associates..

So Doctors.. if you are worried about getting busted in Michigan, just come to Florida...  We have an App for that!!!!
Title: Re: Monroe Pain Clinic-reopened?
Post by: SidecarFlip on April 11, 2011, 04:55:27 PM
I had heard he was going to re open and sell "herbal" remidies.  No facts to back this up though.

Gee, isn't reefer a 'herbal' remedy? ;D