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Started by TK9317 - Last post by Maverick

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Started by Collegekid - Last post by Maverick
Real Housewives

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Started by Mayonnaise - Last post by Maverick
There's an opening at the Road Commission for a 6 year term as a board member. The best way to influence a solution is to be a part of it.
I believe the application deadline is still open.
The county board of commissioners is not the Monroe County Road Commission. Separate entities all together.

 on: November 17, 2018, 10:06:46 PM 
Started by Mayonnaise - Last post by blue2
But the MCRC will harass a new business at Smith and Telegraph forcing them to put in a million dollar entrance into the mulch lot.  All the while the roads they maintain are crap.

 on: November 17, 2018, 07:07:38 PM 
Started by Collegekid - Last post by CatLady
Quantum Leap

 on: November 17, 2018, 07:04:42 PM 
Started by TK9317 - Last post by CatLady

 on: November 17, 2018, 06:58:41 PM 
Started by Mayonnaise - Last post by SidecarFlip
Gonna rant a bit and I hope Maverick is paying attention...  I'm also going to write to the MN as an opinion editorial letter...

I've lived out here between Petersburg and Deerfield for over 30 years now and in those thirty odd years, one thing that never changes is the deplorable condition of the unpaved road.  Not just the road in front of the farm, but all unpaved roads in Monroe County.  They all suck big time.  Without exception I might add.

The MCRC's patent answer is grading and application of stone but in reality, that is a band aid fix at best.  The underlying issue and what causes the roadbed to become unstable, generate huge potholes and get soupy is never addressed.

That underlying issue is, the berms are higher than the road bed so the water ponds on the road and causes that instability.  Added to that is the absence of drainage ditches on at least one side of the road.  When I moved out here there were shallow ditches, those have vanished due to farmers using them as dead furrows and filling them in because they are too lazy to reverse direction on the headlands and turn the dead furrow to the land side not the spoil side.

It's way past time for the MCRC to get their Gradall out of the barn and start cutting in ditches on roadsides and cutting berms down to road grade to allow the water some place to go besides the middle of the road.  We pay enough in taxes and the MCRC has enough funding to institute that and get it done.  If necessary, farmers should be assessed for the cost as it was their negligence that caused the ditches to be filled in, in the first place.

I'm really sick of crap secondary roads in this county.  Besides having substandard primary roads we have sub-sub standard unpaved roads.

I can go west a mile into Lenawee County and the horrible wet, mucky pot holed road turns into a dry, smooth freeway because the LCRC maintains the ditches and the berms are lower than the road bed.  Pretty simple really.

Time for the MCRC to get off it's arse and actually do something to benefit the residents of Monroe County instead of buying real estate and sitting around the barn drinking coffee, eating doughnuts and wasting taxpayer dollars.  Thye have not only the equipment but the manpower to do it.

Rant over but I'm not stopping there.  Nest is a letter to the editor and who know what else.  I'm really sick and tired of the inability of the NCRC to maintain the infrastructure of the county.  After all, that is their ONLY job and they fail miserably at it.

 on: November 17, 2018, 06:35:22 PM 
Started by TK9317 - Last post by SidecarFlip

 on: November 17, 2018, 12:43:49 PM 
Started by Professor H - Last post by Monroe Native
We should rename it after John Iacoangeli who was all for running a public road through it so Tony Sacco could build more overpriced cheap houses in the back of Frenchman's Bend.

That guy is a tool.

How much does he still owe the city over his failed restaurant?  How much did he sell the liquor license for?

Can't believe some of the people that get elected in Monroe.

 on: November 17, 2018, 12:38:40 PM 
Started by Professor H - Last post by Monroe Native
Fortunate for most they had "means"  after all its not cheap to live in the Malibu area... 

Still amazed as now the number of missing is going near the 1000 mark...   that no early warning system was ever considered.

After all they have had the rain - dry   rain dry   cycle for centuries  allowing for a beautiful undergrowth that these fires thrive on.       but some act as if its a new phenomena  related to the climate change

Cal fire website showed   Venture fire in 1932  same acreage devastated   no deaths or structures destroyed
last years 2017  fire lost 1000 structures and 2 deaths...   

Moving into such areas without knowing the hazard is difficult to understand.

Sounds to me like you are getting dangerously close to insulting the First Responders like Trump did.

I have not clue why every celebrity can say this is all due to Global Warming, but if Trump says you need to do a better job clearing the brush out he is "politicizing" the situation.

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