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 on: Today at 09:07:38 PM 
Started by John Kopke - Last post by John Kopke
Colleges and Universities. Are they teaching our kids how to think, or what to think? Well it seems a majority of these kids in school, and soon after graduating, are inclined toward socialism. Why is that? Did they take courses on socialism versus free enterprise and capitalism, and then decide? Or did they get the equality/utopia of socialism routine versus how free enterprise and capitalism are evil? Not a mystery to me. 

 on: Today at 08:02:05 PM 
Started by Blondie - Last post by Blondie
That they did. You should see my tree on ;D

I remember when I'd tell my Dad about my new friends he would always ask their names. Then he would say Oh that's your relation. Ha, I was afraid to date anyone for fear they would be related. Same for my kids. Small world.

It's nice here and people are friendly. Glad I found this place.  ;)

 on: Today at 07:34:23 PM 
Started by John Kopke - Last post by John Kopke
I don't know about you, but if you follow politics some, everyday brings something new to put a knot in your stomach.  So what's the answer?

Well one would be to put more focus on making your own life as prosperous and happy as you can. Make sure you've made peace with God. You're going to be dead a lot longer than your life on earth, make sure you've got that covered as best you can. From there it's gravy.

Then just be sure to vote against soul destroying leftists.   

 on: Today at 07:24:29 PM 
Started by BigRedDog - Last post by Maverick
Exactly on point !!

 on: Today at 07:23:29 PM 
Started by Collegekid - Last post by Maverick
Bad Company

 on: Today at 06:54:48 PM 
Started by Blondie - Last post by BigRedDog
I will stop back by and update you. Thank you for all the tips in getting to where I need to be. I know very little about the Monroe area except where the Hospital is. Maybee seemed like a nice little town but we just drove through real quick.

It makes it confusing when there is more than one name people go by. That and several people using the same name without using Jr or third. My family genealogy criss crosses between Yenschs, Liedels and Ebys. Very confusing when you add the fact they were immigrants from Germany.

I was very surprised when I got an answer so fast. Thanks again. Most of my known relatives are gone so finding anything is trying. It was searching for history of Yensch Rd. when I found this site. Turned into a blessing. I'm sure I will be back often just to read more. Thanks.

I am related to the Liedels and Eby's from Maybee and Scofield but then again everyone around here is.

I guess we just don't want Blondie to go away...

always nice to have new members 8) 8) 8)

I have an Eby story for you two and any other Eby extended family members that are reading.

A few weeks ago we had gone up to Belle Isle to the Dossin Great Lakes Museum.  We didn't want to fight 75 heading home so we took Jefferson through downtown and then stopped when we got to Historic Fort Wayne.  This was a few weeks prior to us going back to the car show a couple of weekends ago.

As I was leaving the gymnasium I ran into one of the tours going on.  A guide who is a member of the fort's historical coalition takes families on a golf cart tour of the fort.  I got to talking to the tour guide and the couple taking the tour.  Eventually it came out that I lived down in Monroe County and the woman commented that she had been wanting to get down to Monroe for the fair so she could get into the Eby Log Cabin as she was a descendant of the Ebys.  I explained to her that she better plan on getting there in the next week as the fair was starting the next day.  They actually sat there and decided they would try to go on Monday which is the day I went but I didn't see them there.  I don't recall them saying exactly where they lived but it seems like she said it was about an hour drive up 75.  Apparently the Ebys produced lots and lots of offspring!

 on: Today at 06:03:18 PM 
Started by Mayonnaise - Last post by Monroe Native
What if there wasn't a designated hitter?

 on: Today at 06:02:12 PM 
Started by Blondie - Last post by Blondie
I am related to the Liedels and Eby's from Maybee and Scofield but then again everyone around here is.

I am amazed how many people are. Then add the Straubs' and I think that covers all of Monroe county. My Great Grandmother was a Straub and my great Grandfather a Yensch.

 on: Today at 05:59:49 PM 
Started by Collegekid - Last post by Monroe Native

 on: Today at 05:53:09 PM 
Started by BigRedDog - Last post by Monroe Native
Now you sound like a politician--  I smell money---lets just blow it !!!

Kind of like the money the county commissioners have to spend now that the dumb 911 fee passed?

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