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 on: Today at 02:20:29 PM 
Started by Professor H - Last post by ytrewq
Harbor Freight is opening around the 1st of August.   Of course the source is the Monroe News so take that with a few grains of salt.

 on: Today at 01:03:40 PM 
Started by Frenchfry - Last post by BigRedDog
We just saw a monarch 'flutter by' the window while we're having lunch.  I think we're seeing more of them around this year.  I go out of my way to not mow a few patches we have that have lots of milkweed. 

 on: Today at 12:56:13 PM 
Started by BigRedDog - Last post by BigRedDog

75 23 merge and I69

When we first moved down here and had family still in Midland we made the drive regularly and that's about halfway which always made me feel like we were up north again.

 on: Today at 12:52:14 PM 
Started by BigRedDog - Last post by BigRedDog
I now live in a Township whose office is only open 3 days a week - in the mornings.

They contract with surrounding Governmental Units for their fire protection - that way they don't need to waste money building a fire building or buying equipment.

They don't pay the county extortion money to get Sheriff patrols all their citizens already pay for with County taxes.

So far they haven't decided they need to assess money to fix roads - since all of the Citizens pretty well already for that also through any number of other agencies at the county, state, and Federal level.  Not sure how long this will last though - since those other Governmental units are doing such a bang up job.

Pension Bomb?  The Township doesn't have one - since it doesn't seem to have any full time employees.

Garbage Tax?  Nope.  I get to pick and pay my own provider.  Perfect - it costs me less that way then having a helpful Government negotiate a higher fee for me.

Compare this picture to the City of Monroe - where vital functions include taking care of a National Park, providing shots for Heroin OD's, building new buildings cause they didn't take care of the buildings they had, Not taking the lowest bidder for refuse - because....  I don't know the answer for that....  bribery maybe?  Oh yes - and they pay about 80K a year for a "communications director" to make the website harder to use and run a facebook page.  They are going to be sucking wind when DTE quits paying for 40% of their folly. 

And you know what?  I don't feel bad for the City of Monroe.  Those people deserve what they get.  I am proud to follow the stream of people that can leave town on out.  I just wish I could write off the Capital Loss on what I lost on the house there.

You'd be surprised how many people don't pay any attention to any of those items.  Many are only focused on the home itself (it looks just like the one in the magazine) or a particular school district. 

Out of curiosity are you in an area that has smart 911 already?

 on: Today at 11:57:43 AM 
Started by BigRedDog - Last post by FritzTheKat

75 23 merge and I69

 on: Today at 11:30:23 AM 
Started by Ms. N. Cognito - Last post by FritzTheKat
Kent McCord

 on: Today at 11:18:38 AM 
Started by eriemermaid - Last post by blue2
Someone bailed up the grass on Tamaron golf course.  There are a few bill rolls setting around.  They must be getting ready to build homes

 on: Today at 11:16:33 AM 
Started by BigRedDog - Last post by blue2
i lkied Frankfurt although i'd only been there in the fall.  We stayed in a group of 3 houses on the northside of the lake. 

 on: Today at 10:11:22 AM 
Started by Ms. N. Cognito - Last post by CatLady
Clark Kent

 on: Today at 09:53:45 AM 
Started by Frenchfry - Last post by BigRedDog
25 popular state parks across Michigan.

I didn't see Sterling on the list.  We have never camped there although we have friends that live right here in Monroe County that camp out there all the time.  Not a single tree on any of the campsites has got to make for some hot days and nights this time of year.  It seems to be a popular park and most of the sites appear full no matter when we're out there.  We do go out to use the holding tank dump a few times a year and quite often will grab a sub or a pizza and go out there to have a lakeside meal.  I'm getting pretty good at riding the bicycle trail from the state park along the old interurban paths and back to the National Battlefield. 

On our trip last labor day we ended up in two of the 25 on the above list.  We hadn't done any online reservations and at both parks we just showed up to see if they had a spot.  Both said they were full except for rustic sites (no electric or water) which was fine with us as we usually hit the state campgrounds where you don't have those anyway. 

On Muskallonge lake we were across the trail from the lake and had a perfect view.  There was a couple set up right beside us that seemed a little peeved when we showed up.  Before we showed up they had the unobstructed view of the lake.  They warmed up after a couple of days and I finally decided it was the dog they didn't like.  The dog only barked a few times the whole time we were there so not sure why they didn't like him :-\ :-\ :-\

When we got back to St. Ignace we stopped by the straits park just mostly to look around but decided to ask if they had a spot anyway.  This was a day or two after Labor Day and when I asked if they had a spot the ranger just laughed and said we only have one spot.   It's all tents along that side of the street because most of you trailer campers can't get onto the spot.  I told him we'd go take a look at it.  The problem was the streets are one way and set up so you have to back to the right (mirror backing up only) to get onto the fairly small spot.  When I got onto the spot the front end of the truck was still hanging across the street but no one got upset while they waited the few minutes for me to get unhooked.  I rode my bike back up to the ranger station to pay for the spot and they didn't waste much time in coming down to 'check' and make sure I was in my own spot.

There was nothing between us and a perfect view of the straits and the Big Mac.

It makes me very sensitive to Enbridge and their leaking oil pipelines as this would be ground zero for a leak.  Probably less than a mile from their pumping station on the north side of the straits.

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