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 on: Today at 05:34:12 PM 
Started by Professor H - Last post by Monroe Native
When this is done, only thing 'strong' at MSU will be Engler's  BO.  If your son or daughter was graduating would you want them to attend MSU?  I don't think so.

I heard they will have their largest class ever entering this fall.

Maybe they further lowered their admission standards to let more kiddies in to spread out that cost.

 on: Today at 01:43:12 PM 
Started by 12 Bones - Last post by blue2
Maybe, but I come in from the south and go as far as the court and head back..

 on: Today at 12:42:35 PM 
Started by 12 Bones - Last post by The Fuzz
The entire Monroe County population in 2015 was right at 150,000, and I will take a wild guess that 50% or so live in the transparent borders of French Town/Monroe/LaSalle, so I'm guessing that 75,000 people or so are familiar with the downtown area.  You were right there when at the County Courthouse.

 on: Today at 11:43:30 AM 
Started by BigRedDog - Last post by BigRedDog
Yesterday it was deer on the trailcam. 

One got a 'flash in the face'... 

looks like it was being a curios george and had it's face right up to the camera when the camera flashed! 

 on: Today at 11:17:37 AM 
Started by BigRedDog - Last post by BigRedDog
I guess actually none of these were particularly strange calls although a vehicle colliding with a house is still a bit unique. 

I've always found it interesting how the number and intensity of various fire calls occur. 

Yesterday was one of those unique afternoons.  There had been the average calls over the course of the day but overall fairly quiet.

Then a dispatch went out for a vehicle hitting a house in LaSalle and the house and the vehicle were now on fire.  There was a little extra confusion as apparently the LaSalle Chief happened onto the scene while central dispatch was in the process of dispatching the call. 

Then just a few minutes later Erie gets a call a block from their station for a vehicle crash.  It was on the Dixie which is also where the LaSalle call was (corner of Dixie and W. Stein).  Both being on Dixie complicated additional responders being able to just drive up or down the Dixie. 

Somewhere in the string there was a motorcycle crash on Telegraph at CarletonRockwood and then a call that started off in LMR's area but ended up in Exeter.  Original call was for Sumpter at Bluebush but it ended up being several miles north of Bluebush on Sumpter.  No idea how the confusion occurred but this is a perfect example of 'why' a better mapping system for central dispatch would pay off for everyone!  In this case there was probably at least a delay of several minutes for getting help to the victims. 

We drove by the house in LaSalle and I was really surprised to see it still standing and not with as much damage as I expected.  A great response from LaSalle and MonroeTown on that one.  The house was a two story home and probably over a hundred years old.  Most likely balloon framing which creates a series of chimneys to carry the fire from the basement right on up to the attic.  I've often wondered if maybe the house had been a little country store back in the early automobile days.  It looks like there may have been an 'island' for a fuel pump at one time. 

It seems like there were actually couple of other medical calls all thrown into a short timeframe.  This all happened in about as long as it took me to type it (I don't type fast). 

The staff at central dispatch did an excellent job of dealing with some frustrating situations all back to back to back!!!

 on: Today at 10:54:06 AM 
Started by 12 Bones - Last post by blue2
I don't know much about Monroe.  I only go there if I have to go to the county courthouse complex.  And usually can't find a parking spot and if I do you have to pay. I don't know what is downtown.  i don't think i've ever been there. 

 on: Today at 10:51:22 AM 
Started by superspice_10 - Last post by BigRedDog
No sunshine but at least it's not raining either!

 on: Today at 10:13:37 AM 
Started by Professor H - Last post by The Fuzz
I didn't know that about the endowments being untouchable. 

 on: Today at 09:08:04 AM 
Started by 12 Bones - Last post by The Fuzz
I think I have said before that the perception of Monroe differs between long time natives, and those who relocate to here.

Quirks.....yes, but what town doesn't.  I find most people here as hard working, good character individuals, and enjoyable to socialize with.  Considering the location sandwiched between Detroit and Toledo I feel safe, and am comfortable that my family is when I am on the road.

I wish the downtown was more vibrant but the demise of the downtown areas across the country have been ruined by the likes of Walmart, and suffers from what a lot of retailers are seeing in internet sales.

Improvements have been made in the river in knocking down those dams, but I'd like to see the DNR actively stocking it with fish that will survive the habitat.  I enjoy looking across the river and seeing kids fish at the park, but with very limited success.  Fishing brings so much tranquility and enjoyment to youngsters.....I hate seeing them being discouraged.

 on: May 19, 2018, 11:13:35 PM 
Started by John Kopke - Last post by John Kopke
I remember when the fine UAW employees would celebrate anytime the Salaried ranks took a pay hit.

They were too dumb to realize that they were next, and making a Salaried cut was just the start of the negotiations.

Back when I decided to go to college you could make a great case that you would have been better off heading to a car plant, and then bribing your way into Skilled Trades.

No more.  The Union bargained that away, when they screwed over new hires with the two tier wage scale, protecting their older members at the cost of the new hires.  How is that for Solidarity?

Then you have the corruption that exists within the Unions.

The sad thing - for the vast majority of the workers who show up, and put in a hards day work, they don't need them. 

The Union only protects the slackers, the drunks, the drug abusers, and the ones that don't pull their weight.  If you are one of those the Union is your friend.

Public Worker Unions - State, Local, and Federal - yes - I agree they are the worst of the worst - and their bought and paid for Democratic Party members who protect them at the cost of the citizens.

Private Pensions?  A dead thing.  Public?  Alive and well - and grossly underfunded.


Wow, didn't know your had it in you. So what do you really think? That's a joke, don't answer. From what I believe now, I can get behind a lot of what you say. A union that will fight to the extreme to protect the job of a clearly awful employee loses credibility. Do you want to be a hard working union member belonging to a union who thinks it's their job to protect slackers and the chronically absent. You know who they are. So when your union negotiates for you are they negotiating for you the folks that earn their  pay, or a combination of those who earn their pay, like you, and those that scam the system. I'll answer the easy ones. The latter. So here's my advice. Boot the losers in your union and increase your value as a workforce. 


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