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Title: How to ignore Nevaeh Buchanan board - Please read
Post by: Administration on August 11, 2009, 08:19:17 AM
We receive weekly complaints of individuals who insist on coming to argue with anyone that wants to share their feelings on the Nevaeh case.   
As much as some users may disagree with the constant discussion over it, everyone has the right to talk about it.   

We created this separate board for the users complaining about the constant Nevaeh discussion, so that the "Ignore Board" feature could be used.   It appears however, that no one is using it, and continue to insist that users stop talking about it.   

Once again, here is how to ignore this specific board and an explanation of how the feature works:

Ignore Board Feature:   This feature will ignore an entire board.  This means, you will no longer see the discussions that happen in this board.   

How to:  From the forum home page, select the "Profile" link in the top menu bar.   Under the left side bar, under "Modify Profile" is an "Ignore Boards Options" link - select link.   Choose the category you wish to ignore (in this case "Nevaeh Buchanan").   When finished, select the "Change Profile" button.   

This should solve the annoyance some users have with the ongoing discussion of this topic.   Thank you for the cooperation, if anyone needs any assistance setting this up, let us know.