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Author Topic: Another 'Good One' by the Monroe County Road Comission.....  (Read 1084 times)

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Another 'Good One' by the Monroe County Road Comission.....
« on: October 10, 2007, 09:18:51 AM »

Got the Dundee Independent yesterday and on Page 7 is another article concerning the MCRC.

The telling statement in the whole article is Mr. Lang saying and I quote..."We have to follow the revenue stream not the needs stream"  There is a gigantic unmet need.  We are trying to stretch, but no matter how you stretch it, somethings going to be unmet"

Lets see, the MCRC is supposed to be a non-profit entity with a sole purpose of maintaining the roads in Monroe County.  Obviously the MCRC has it's priorities in the wrong place.  Is the MCRC operating for profit now?

After the fiasco in Summerfield Township concerning Mr. Iott and the MCRC, I guess Mr. Lang has complete and immediate amnesia or memory loss concerning his statements.

It's way past time to dismember the MCRC or just have the MCRC maintain State and Federal highways in Monroe County (which the do in a half assed manner anyway) and privatize all other road work.  That way, Mr. Lang and his cronies can follow the 'Revenue Stream' and the townships can competitively bid their road work, receive State funds or vote millages for local road work (which Summerfield Township already has in place).

Of course the MCRC will want all contractual work to be done to MCRC's 'criteria'.  The problem is that no one seems to know what that criteria or specification is and the MCRC isn't about to publicly produce that even though the MCRC is a public entity despite what Mr. Lang and his cronies think it is.

In reality, despite what Mr. Lang & company expounds about the 'Revenue Stream', without local funding the MCRC can't survive and it's past time for the MCRC to be held accountable for it's actions or it's inactions as inaction seems to be the norm on Dixie Highway.

It's time the voters and the Monroe County Board of Commissioners restructure the MCRC and make it a viable working part of local government and not a depository of taxpayer funds for the advancement of a few 'good old boys'
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