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Author Topic: What's the BEST Offence When you have No Defense?  (Read 242 times)

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What's the BEST Offence When you have No Defense?
« on: October 17, 2009, 11:59:10 PM »

Time and again since the 2008 Presidential Election the media has leveled its cannon toward an opponent of the new Administration and Mr. Obama and fired off a volley of the dreaded "R" word.

This is usually done to stifle the words of one who is speaking the truth about a subject or topic concerning the administration's anti American agenda. The "R" word...  it puts otherwise stoic commentators on the offensive; which of course is what it is intended to do... to occupy them with defending themselves and their careers rather than speaking the truth; in essence to shut them up.

What IS the "R" word? RACISM. The word that sends liberals into frenzied seizures, humanists into spasms of rapture, and politicians scurrying for cover.

Racism was all but a dead topic until the media resurrected it as a last ditch effort to ensure the their idol garnered not just the elitist votes, but also those of mainstream America. Suddenly if you opposed Obama you were a RACIST. If you opposed abortion you were a racist. If you believed in God you were a Racist, if you honored your parents you were a Racist...  if you in any way opposed the IslamoFacistCommunisticSocialistic Self Righteousness of the University Elite and the quest for Democracy for all you were a RACIST.

Which made me wonder...  WHAT were those guys who spit on me and beat me up in the sixth grade because I was friends with Cory? They OBVIOUSLY WEREN'T Racists as they were too young to hold any such POLITICAL beliefs. so WHAT were they; just bullies? No....  they made it quite clear that they were doing what they were doing because they opposed blacks n whites bein friends. So... what was it then?

I wondered and questioned, what's going on here? What was going on was perversion of the word, from something defined into something all inclusive; and no one was noticing nor addressing it. How could they; they were all too busy dodging it, ducking it, or fighting against the remains of their careers after being bombarded with it.

The word RACISM was in the process of being turned from something well defined into something ill defined that could be applied to ANYONE who stood in opposition to Society's Status Quo. How does a word get perverted in such a way? INTENTIONALLY, for either the purpose of deception (selfishness) or for the purpose of being used as a weapon of FEAR, and HOW does a dictator rule? Out of FEAR, fear that somehow TRUTH about what he is and what he desires will come out and END all that he desires to achieve for himself.

Such is the situation with RACISM. Those who seek to destroy TRUTH are using it as a weapon to silence it. Those who have no conviction of Truth shy away from Racism's implications, seeking to distance themselves from its scourge; either way the TACTIC works all to well.

As an example:   I posted a tread regarding Obama's cutting of the Soc. Sec. COLA for 2010. In my posting I included a synopsis of a the reaction a relative of a friend  had on the subject; but I did not identify the synopsis as not being my own; just to see who would take issue with the ACTUAL subject and who would attack the caption RATHER than the obvious emotional uproar such a cut would bring about from many Soc. Sec. recipients.
As I had thought, those who view Obama as their salvation from the evils of conservatism immediately took issue with the caption itself rather than the emotion of it, attacking it and me as being RACIST in nature; never mind whether I was White, Black, Asian, or PINK POLKA DOTTED. A couple who didn't take issue with it immediately soon did as soon as they found out the direction the criticism of the majority was going to take and obviously decided that jumping on the   "RACISM" bandwagon would be far better option for them personally and politically than either doing nothing at all or even worse siding WITH the emotional attitude of the caption.

Not surprisingly, as soon as I mentioned the ruse replies and comment dropped to nary a whisper; but that was just a bit too late; the cat was already out of the bag, and he had served his purpose well; to define who would and would not jump at the chance to label me a RACIST, strictly on the basis of what they interpreted as an attack on OBAMA'S RACE as opposed to an emotional attitude of opposition and anger towards the COLA cut.

As long as we refuse to confront this type of warfare for what it is; Diversion and Cowardice, those who practice it will continue to do so through our LEGITIMIZING of their tactics.

Words DO NOT change definitions; man changes the meanings of words to fit his agendas and profit from the deception, whether that profit be in the form of $$ or power or BOTH.


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