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Re: Businesses Closings
« Reply #1095 on: May 01, 2019, 09:43:37 AM »

The cheapest item in any beanery is the

All one has to do is drive over to Adrian and look at their mall (or what is left of it).  Malls are out of touch with current demographics.  Strip malls are in, so are stand alone stores.

Dumdee is getting loaded with retail establishments.  I wonder how long it will be before only the 'strong' survive and the weak close their doors.

I did notice the 'Jerky Outlet' on 50 finally closed up.  Been there for quite a while and I don't see how they survived because the parking lot was always empty, unless, they did a good Internet business.

They are no more.

Never went in there.  I look for the Fanny Farmer (or whatever it's called) on the opposite side of M50 from Cabelas / Bass Pro to fold too.  Been in there.  Prices are stupid and you can but the exact same stuff at Walmart or Target oe a the grocery store for much less.  Sure it's a corporate store so maybe the parent company floats their boat.  If they gad to float on their own, they'd most likely sink.

There have been a buch of retail stores across the street from them (Waterstradt Drive) that have folded as well but I don't pay a lot of attention as I don't go to any.  I know the pie company that was there went tits up.  I heard their pies were so-so and expensive.  So-so and expensive don't mix well today.

Ultimately, that will be Cabelas downfall as well.  Expensive merchandise and duplication of retail stores makes the slice of revenue even smaller.  Instead of just Cabelas now, you have them, Bass Pro, Gander, Fin Feather and Fur and a few others and toy can only sell so much of the same stuff to the same people at inflated prices.

Only the strong survive and I don't see Cabelas as being strong at all.
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