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I know we continue on
« on: November 08, 2007, 11:58:06 PM »

A few years ago my mom, my children, and I traveled to Wisconsin for a visit and to be there because my cousin was getting married.

My grandmother had been very ill for quite some time. She had struggled with asthma and pulmonary lung disease for many years, but it was getting worse. My grandparents live with my aunt and uncle and it was a definite Godsend to have my aunt there with my grandmother during this time.

We had been told my grandmother was getting worse over the phone but it didn't sink in until we walked into the house that night, the night before the wedding.

She had never looked so frail. My grandmother was a strong woman. To see her there, barely able to sit up, was heartbreaking.

We thought we had come to go to a wedding but God had other plans. My mother has three sisters and the next day two of my aunts, my mom, my grandfather, and I all gathered in my grandmother's room because we knew it was time for her to go "home". My aunt prayed and we all said goodbye one last time. I felt a sort of great peace fall over the room and I knew when she was gone because I saw a strange, soft, white glow as her soul left her body.

Moments passed as we sat there with tears in our eyes. We knew she was finally at peace but it's still hard to say goodbye.

A friend of ours was watching my children and he noticed something high in the sky. It was a hot air balloon. It was beautiful. We all went outside and watched as it sailed peacefully across the perfectly blue sky.

We didn't think a whole of it until my other aunt called later that day. She wasn't there with us because she was at my cousin's wedding. It was one of those things where there just wasn't time to make other arrangements so the wedding went on as planned.

My cousin had a catholic wedding and during a time of prayer my aunt said she had a vision. She saw a hot air balloon sailing across the sky and then she heard my grandmother's voice in her ear say, "The flowers are lovely." My grandmother absolutely loved flowers.

No one had told her about us seeing the balloon earlier that day. We all cried again knowing it was a sign. It was a sign to let us know she was happy. I believe she wanted to go to the wedding. I know we go on living after our human bodies die. I've seen the signs.

God Loves You!
"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." - Mother Teresa
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