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Author Topic: Do we need more gun control?  (Read 201379 times)

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Re: Do we need more gun control?
« Reply #4695 on: March 03, 2018, 11:06:48 AM »

18 year olds serving the country are supervised and trained with those weapons, the ones out of the street playing on Facebook are not.

And maybe that is the solution Fuzz.

Require that everyone who purchases a gun has to pass a gun safety course - maybe similar to the Hunters Safety Course they make people go through before they get their first hunting license.

Trained Instructors should be able to identify the people who are just nuts and shouldn't have a gun until the grow the F up - regardless of their age.

I know not everyone in my CPL course passed for various reasons.

Age alone is not a reason to disqualify people.  If 18 is an adult - then they should be able to buy a gun if they understand the responsibility involved.
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