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12 year old attacks family MEN article
« on: June 24, 2013, 10:33:32 AM »

I read this article and then read the comments and was disappointed by the number of adults that were so free at placing blame in this situation.  I don't think this article covers the entire situation.  It perhaps is only one incident that is being reported because it escalated to that point and it just happened to be a video game this time.  It more than likely doesn't matter if it was video games, his favorite book, or other things that seem ridiculous and trivial to those around him to get that upset over.  If anyone knows this mom please ask her to pay attention to when it happens, log it with date and time and to pay particular attention to the boys eating habits.   Try making sure that he eats healthy snacks between meals.  Ask her if she has noticed that once he eats if his entire demeanor changes and it's like nothing ever happened.  Also I would like to ask if when this boy is having "melt downs" if he is super emotional and brings up things that happened in the past but it's like he is reliving it, like being harrassed at school or in the neighborhood?  I am keeping them in my prayers.  To everyone out there casting stones, please do stop and consider that there could very easily be a health issue that triggers this.  And many kids do tell their parents that they will call CPS if any corrective actions are taken or if you take away the video games etc. 
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