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Re: Kayaking the River Raisin
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We used to swim at Jaquay quarry in Columbia Station, Ohio when I was a kid.  We had a rope out over the quarry so you could swing out and dive in.  Was about 90 feet deep and colder than an icebox and you could see way down, the water was crystal clear.

Problem with quarries is there is really no shallow place to get in or get out.

They fenced it off after some clown did a swan dive in a jeep one night.

Was always nekked swimming.....

I saw a few cars get parked in a quarry not to be named......  out swimming one night......  next thing you know someone is parking a car in the quarry.

Its kind of funny watching the lights go on down......  when you are a kid.

That ended the party for the night....  the weekend actually.
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