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Re: Made in Detroit
« Reply #30 on: December 11, 2015, 06:53:37 AM »

Just think, an EMP and no more Apple watches....or cell phones.  There are some positive benefits..... ;D

Yup.  And no more computers, and no more MT!

I'd get a lot more productive work done, that's for sure!!!!
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Re: Made in Detroit
« Reply #31 on: December 11, 2015, 07:00:50 AM »

Its been 10 years since I worked in an office. My last few some of us had Blackberrys but for the most part they were used for business.  I can't imagine what it is like today with the whole young set wrapped up in their cell phones.

In our family we run the spectrum on using our cell phones at work...

My wife carries her phone on her all day at work but only uses it during break or in an emergency!  She does have to discipline quite a few of the real young workers on  daily basis though...   they seem to have a hard time being 'away' from the world while they work :o :o :o

Our youngest daughter was kind of like that on her prior job and now she just simply leaves her phone in her truck and gets back to it 12 hours later!  No exceptions and anyone violating is terminated immediately.   Makes it pretty simple actually :o :o :o

Our son can carry his 'most' of the time...   unless they're working in certain hazardous areas on the site in which case they have to leave them in their locker.  He only uses his on breaks or lunch for the most part though. 

Our oldest daughter literally uses hers for work to the point it would make it more difficult to do her job without one.  She's on her own most of the time so it's a safety issue NOT to have one.  If I text or email her I usually get a reply in just a few minutes although most of the time I'm sending her info on traffic crashes or rescue or fire locations she may want to avoid or 'work around'.  It would make her work more difficult to do and a safety issue not to have her personal phone.

I abuse the use of my cell phone and Galaxy Tab 4 but nobody ever complains ;) ;) ;)
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