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Author Topic: Watch your Maple trees for yet another tree eating invasive beetle  (Read 535 times)

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I remember the loss of all the Dutch Elms when I was young.  Fortunately whoever had owner our house previously had planted all Chinese Elms and they were untouched.  To this day I get on Google Streetview and although the house burned a few years ago the trees there are still some of the tallest in the area.

More recently our Ash trees were wiped out...   we lost dozens ourselves.  At least they made good firewood.  I could have made a lot of ball bats  if I had been so inclined.  I was out looking this spring and I find two trees that are still standing although they're dead and then I have a couple of small ones that look like Ash and they're growing just fine.  Wonder if the borers will just reappear someday and get them too?

In the yard around the house we have a variety of trees but probably over half of them are a Maple of some sort...   I'm not good at distinguishing the various lines.

So, now there's an invasion of Maple destroying beetles and it's as close as Ohio!!!

Reading the article again I see the beetle will eat other hardwoods too!!!

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