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Where to purchase ethanol free gasoline
« on: April 08, 2018, 12:29:21 PM »

In light of some recent discussions involving the merits of going ethanol free I'll start this thread. 

While we can discuss the merits (or lack thereof) in using ethanol enhanced gasoline the most difficult part is still in actually finding it at the pump.

This website has info on locating nearby stations and you can download an app for your smartphone too.  They frequently mention nearby marinas and not as often mention buying at an airport.  You may run into an issue at both of these if you're trying to pump fuel into an over the road vehicle vs. a boat or airplane or portable containers.  They probably are just not set up to collect and pay the additional road taxes to the appropriate levels of government. 

I found this little store just outside Monroe County in Point Place (my old stomping grounds), Ohio.

They sell Sunoco REC 90 (although the pump shows it as REC 89).  I called them and verified that they do in fact carry said fuel and the very pleasant young lady told me that they do carry it out on the islands at pumps # 5 and 6.  She said "just look for the blue pump handles"!!!  I assume as opposed to green for diesel and red for gasoline-ethanol mix.

Looking over their website they appear to be a Michigan based chain and they even have an outlet in Dundee although I'm not finding any info on them carrying the REC fuels there.  The Point Place location had been shut down for a long time (maybe even a couple of years) and re-opened recently.  Part of the renovation involved all new islands and pumps and whatever they did 'underground'. 

This corner is also one of the major boating locations in the region so they may have extra incentive to carry the fuel just due to the high boating traffic alone.
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