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Author Topic: Chemical Bank of Michigan moving headquarters from Midland to Detroit  (Read 513 times)

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I'm curious how long it will be before they open a branch or two here in Monroe.

During my wife's senior year of high school she worked as a co-op in the bookkeeping department in Midland.  She stayed there for 10 years or so until we were getting ready to move down here.  She had worked her way up to the top assistant and was getting ready to go in and give her two weeks notice to the president.  A few days before she planned on going he called her down and told her that her supervisor was leaving and that she was being promoted to the head of the department.  We talked and she decided to stay another year as the 'boss' as it would look good on a resume.  So, for a year we took turns 'commuting' for weekends or meeting in the middle.  Flint was a little closer to her but it was close enough.  That's when went to visit Auto World.

An interesting 'twist' especially now that they've grown into a tri-state bank...

after she moved down here we obviously had to change our address on everything.  We'd been here about 6 months and one day we got a notice in the mail that they were closing our accounts and cancelling out ATM card because we no longer lived in their 'geographic service region'!!!  Now their 'geographic service region' includes at least parts of 3 states. 

They'll be creating 500 'new' jobs in downtown Detroit and keeping most of their jobs still in Midland.

Here's an artist's drawing of their new Detroit Headquarters.  I hope they're not dipping into my wife's pension fund to built it!!!

Chemical bank has a bit of notoriety in Michigan History as being the location of a bank robbery gone wrong where one of the robbers was tried in Federal Court and convicted and hanged here at the prison in Milan.  That was the last execution to occur in Michigan.  The other robber was shot by a dentist down the street.  The dentist happened to be sitting in his 2nd story office cleaning his deer rifle so he shot the one guy out the window and killed him.  Don't mess with the dentists in Midland :o :o :o

Here's an article from Crain's:

Article from the Free Press:

And an article from the hometown newspaper.  Obviously they're not as happy to be losing the headquarters as Detroit is to be gaining it!
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