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Smoke Alarms
« on: August 04, 2007, 01:58:52 PM »

In a reply on another topic I related the story of my family from back in February when we were smoked out of our home by a fire in our furnace.

I started this topic way back then and it was not carried over into this new format. As a concern for my fellow citizens I just wanted to start it again because I don't want any of you folks to have to deal with this type of event. Especially when it is so easy and CHEAP to avoid.

Please check your smoke alarm batteries. Cheap.
If you don't have smoke alarms, get them! Cheap.
If you can't afford them, or know someone that can't, you can get them FREE from the Fire Dept.

Your family all alive and well. Priceless!!

As for us we are still living in a hotel. 7 months later and nonstop fighting with our insurance company we may be back in our house in another month?
Thanks to the help of Senator Richardville and the Michigan Insurance Institute finally our insurance company is pumping the cash into our project and things are starting to move.
So on a unrelated note, check your home owners policy and make sure you are covered. Double check your companies adjusting policies and have a good attorney waiting in the wings!

Peace, now go check those batteries!
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