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Author Topic: MHSAA Stance on National Championships - We are the Purple Cow  (Read 1342 times)

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MHSAA Stance on National Championships - We are the Purple Cow
« on: January 17, 2008, 01:35:48 PM »

Not sure how old this article is, but it was written by the MHSAA Exec Director Jack Roberts.  I read it last year when the stink was being raised about Lester France having to give up his elgibility to run Track his Senior year because he wanted to wrestle at Senior Nationals in Virgina Beach.

My understanding is that most states don't restrict their athletes from competing in National tournaments.  However, Jack Roberts makes it clear in this article that he is proud of the MHSAA's tough stance against our high school athletes competing in National tournaments, so it's not likely to change under his leadership.

In case you don't want to read the entire article, I've copied the last couple paragraphs below:

With cheerleaders, pep bands, yellow buses and motorcades, pep assemblies and comprehensive coverage on radio and television – and none of this found in non-school sports – we have the upper hand by far. Unlike every other sport program that seems to have another level after the state title, there is nowhere to go after the high school championship. It's the top, the end . . . the qualifier to nothing else . . . the pinnacle of what a high school team can do. Why would we give up all of this for a national high school tournament?

We need to be the purple cow. We need to be the remarkable program, the one different from all the others. That is our charm, that is our place, and that is our future.
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