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Re: Bottled Water
« Reply #30 on: August 26, 2007, 04:16:06 PM »

I just can't give up my Poland Spring water. (LOL....I'm sure someone will send me a link showing that Poland Spring water is from the Detroit River or something like that) For me it has nothing to do with "being healthier" it's about the taste.  My drinking water is just one of those things that I am extremely picky about. As I said before it is the only thing that we drink besides coffee.  I have been drinking bottled water my entire life so when I try tap, the "chemical" taste is too much for me. Believe me if I could switch to drinking  tap (or even a cheaper brand)  I would. Buying drinking water costs me around $45.00 a month. Keep in mind both my daughter and I drink alot of water (close to 2 gallons a day between the two of us). I know people who easily spend that buying soda, which I find to be disgusting. (soda that is)

I never had to buy cooking/coffee water before moving to Monroe. Again, I refill at the store using my gallon jugs. Big pain in the a**.

At first I thought it was just my house (over 100 years old with plumbing almost as old......yes, galvanived pipes  :P) However, I have talked to people (usually at the grocery store waiting to fill the water jugs) and they have told me that Monroe has horrible tap water. Taking those things into consideration, it is safe to say that my tap water has an abnormally high level of "funk" in it.

I have considered buying a faucet mounted filter, so I would at least be able to use tap water to cook and make coffe with.  However, when I see the cost of the filter as well as the replacement filters I usually put it off. I don't mind the initial investment of the faucet is just the replacement filters that concerns me. In my case, I am going to assume that the filters will only last half as long, because they would be working twice as hard.

So my first set of  questions are: Is Monroe's tap water "funky" 
I see there are a few who do not think so. I'm curious if those of you have been raised drinking this water?

Second question(s) are to those of you who use faucet mounted filters: Do your filters last as long as they claim to, if not how long do they last?

I would love to buy one for convenience alone, but at this time cost wins over convenience. I did do the math, if the filters do last as long as they claim, it might be worth it for me to finally break down and buy one.

Maybe it is because I have been drinking the water my whole life that I think it taste fine. And if you try to drink the water at a colder temperature it will have a better taste. It's what Coors does to make their beer seem palatable. If your house is on a dead end of a water line the water might be funkier or if your house is close to the plant then the Cl would be stronger. Monroe has a big distribution system and a Cl residual has to be maintained through the entire system.

Most of the bottled water sold in the US is nothing but tap water that they take and put through a extra purification method such as reverse osmosis. I prefer not to pay the extra amount to drink bottled water. There is also the extra pakaging and shipping that I feel is unnecesary.

I do think there is a built in bias to a poll taken where people are filling up their water jugs.


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Re: Bottled Water
« Reply #31 on: August 28, 2007, 07:52:47 AM »

I'm just mad that I didn't think of bottling water and selling it for up to $4.00 per gallon, sometimes more.  All those days when I was a kid and took a long drink from the garden hose didn't seem to affect me that much.  I still do when it's hot, and I'm thirsty, and working in someone's back yard all dirty and sweaty.  When I'm really thirsty, I'm not too picky when I need to rehydrate.

Here in London Township, almost everyone has sulphur water - myself included.  I drink it every day.  We have a treatment system, which removes almost all of the hydrogen sulfide, and for drinking water we fill a big pitcher and keep it in the fridge.  After a couple hours, whatever slight sulfur smell or taste will be gone.  It actually tastes quite good, after it sits for a while.

Because of the corrosive nature of sulfur, homes with this water are usually plumbed with CPVC rather than copper.  The sulfur in the water eats away at the copper.   :o  Yup, I drink it every day.  One might think that drinking sulfur would be harmful -  we have had our water tested, and it's perfectly safe to drink.  Some say that the small amounts of sulfur in our water are actually good for you.  It have heard that it helps to prevent prostate cancer.

I have done a lot of plumbing work, and I have worked in many older homes with galvanized and copper water pipes.  If you saw inside those pipes, you would never drink from the tap again - echhh!   :P  That is where a lot of the foul taste comes from when tap water tastes bad.  Let it run for a couple minutes, then taste it.  If it tastes better, it's your pipes, not the water.  Consider running a separate line from the meter, or a good filter.  They aren't expensive.

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Re: Bottled Water
« Reply #32 on: August 28, 2007, 12:24:11 PM »

That's some good advice Livewire.
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