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Lost and Found
« on: September 01, 2007, 06:17:17 AM »

If you or someone you know has lost a pet, please urge them to contact animal control.
There is a beautiful black and white cocker spaniel there, well cared for and clean and groomed. It was someone's pet. It is a sweet dog.
There is a very nice chocolate lab that is wearing a collar that either belongs to an invisible fence, or it is some kind of training collar. It is clean and well cared for. I know it was someone's pet.
There is another small blonde dog, clean and well cared for that I am sure is someone's pet.
Big black and white dog, very nice, knows sit and shake, was clean when he was picked up.
Nice, clean brown and white husky wearing a training harness. I just hate to see all these animals you know are peoples pets sitting there waiting for someone to come get them.

Sometimes pets get loose, and someone will call animal control to come get them.  A long time ago, the neighborhood I lived in at that time, the guy next door to me would lure anyone's pet that got loose into his garage with food and then call animal control to come get them.  He didn't like animals and as soon as he would see one loose, he was out there with food.  My son had a neighbor that didn't like his dog, and let him loose, and the dog was in its own yard. The guy trespassed to do it. My son went to animal control everyday, and sure enough after a couple of days his dog showed up there.
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