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Mitch hit the nail on the head
« on: September 16, 2007, 03:06:15 PM »

                In the fall of 2004, I was driving home with the radio tuned to WJR. I heard Mitch Albom say “It’s a crying shame we don’t have a better choice than John Kerry or George W. Bush.” Mitch Albom had just made an astute political observation. I was shocked! I was stunned! It was like a seeing 110 pound infielder rip one out of the stadium. I knew what it must have felt like to see David kill Goliath.
                I pulled into a parking lot and looked up to see if there was a full moon. It was too cloudy to tell. I looked around to see if Martians had landed. There were no Martians. There were a large number of people walking around with their mouths open and dazed looks on their faces. The radio was tuned to WJR. Mitch Albom was speaking. I was not hallucinating.
                In “Atlas Shrugged” freedom lovers greet each other saying “Who is John Galt?” Today, freedom lovers greet each other saying “What’s the difference?” “What’s the difference?” is shorthand for a question and answer. The question is “What’s the difference between the Panama canal and Hillary Clinton?” The answer is “The Panama canal is a busy ditch.”
   Hillary Clinton is the odds on favorite to win the Democrat nomination for president.
   Rudy Giuliani is the odds on favorite to win the Republican nomination for president.
   Both major political parties are doing their best to create a situation where Mitch Albom can repeat the one astute political observation that he once made. How can this be explained? I hate to sound like a conspiracy nut but there is only one possible explanation. Mitch Albom is paying both political parties. If I had that much money, I’d pay Jennifer Granholm to go back to Canada.
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